Alongside the IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua 3.2 release, we're very excited to launch the new and improved download experience for Eclipse tools.

The new download experience can be accessed at the same URL as the previous Eclipse Tools page here: Eclipse Tools - Wizard.

If you're already an expert and prefer the previous Eclipse Tools page, we will still be supporting it going forward with all new updates of Aqua, you can find the legacy page here: Eclipse Tools - Legacy.

As we've heard in the past, the original Eclipse tools page had a lot of information jam packed into a single page, making it difficult for new users to navigate through, especially if they've never seen or heard of the Aqua release train before. To help alleviate some of the difficulties in this growing release train, in collaboration with the CICS Design team we've developed a web application that provides a step-by-step walkthrough for the entire download and install process.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select products - in this step, the user is presented with a table of all products included in the Aqua release train where they can check off the ones they wish to download.
  2. Select Aqua version - after the first step, the wizard determines which versions of Aqua can be installed based on the selected products, by clicking on "View details" on each Aqua version, the user can see exactly which of the selected products are compatible with that particular version of Aqua as well as their version numbers.
  3. Select installation client - the wizard presents the available installation methods to the user: IBM Installation Manager or Eclipse p2.
  4. Select starting point - the user can choose the starting point of the target environment in this step, which will lead to the final download and install instructions
  5. Download and Install - the user is presented with all the relevant download links and installation instructions based on all of the previous steps.

The goal of the new wizard interface is to reduce the amount of guesswork that users may experience when trying to figure out what to download. To achieve this, we've chosen the step-by-step approach to help pace the information that is critical to understanding the Aqua release train in a way that is easier to digest for most users. Throughout each step the wizard is cross-referencing data in the background based on the user's choices in order to present recommendations as well as warnings to help the user determine the final decision of their acquisition of Aqua.

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