IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua V3.2.0 is now ‘live’ and available for download!

Newly supported on Eclipse Photon V4.8, the z/OS Explorer Aqua integration platform and products can be installed through Eclipse p2 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. IBM IM packages are not provided yet given an Installation Manager limitation in Eclipse Photon. For more information on installing z/OS Explorer, visit our new Mainframe Developer Center on IBM developerWorks.

Highlights of z/OS Explorer Aqua V3.2.0:

1. This delivery includes the following product releases:

Note: z/OS Explorer Aqua V3.1.x built on Eclipse Neon V4.6 and Aqua V3.0.x built on Eclipse Luna V4.4 will continue to be supported.

2. This release also introduces a new Installation Manager-based installer for IBM Knowledge Centers for z/OS Explorer Aqua V3.2.0. The documentation of the following products can be installed through the KC Installer:

  • IBM Explorer for z/OS V3.2
  • IBM Z Open Development V1.0.0
  • IBM MQ Explorer V9.1.0
  • IBM CICS Explorer V5.5.0
  • IBM CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS V5.4.0.6
  • IBM CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS V5.4.0.4
  • IBM CICS Transaction Gateway V9.2

For more information about using the KC Installer, see KC Installer for z/OS Explorer Aqua.

Enjoy the experience!

If you have any question or comment, drop us a note at our Mainframe Developer Center forum.

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