We’ve just released V3.0.16 of z/OS Connect EE.

Upgrading from a previous release of z/OS Connect EE

After upgrading to z/OS Connect EE V3.0.16, the first time you start up your server, you must specify the
--clean option on your started task PARMS statement, for example: /S BAQSTRT,PARMS=' serverName --clean'. This is to delete all persistent cached information and pick up updated OSGi bundles shipped in this release.
Find out more about the --clean option.

If you fail to specify the --clean option your server may not function correctly and you may see the following errors in your messages.log, STDERR, and FFDC:

com.ibm.ws.kernel.feature.internal.Provisioner E CWWKF0002E: A bundle could not be found for org.apache.commons.compress/1.9.0.
com.ibm.ws.logging.internal.impl.IncidentImpl I FFDC1015I: An FFDC Incident has been created: “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Missing bundles: [org.apache.commons.compress/1.9.0@file:{your_install_path}/usr/lpp/IBM/zosconnect/v3r0/runtime/lib/commons-compress-1.9.jar] com.ibm.ws.kernel.feature.internal.FeatureManager checkInstallStatus”at ffdc_18.12.14_10.42.56.0.log

Subsequent starts of the server do not require the --clean option.

Multiple response codes

The API toolkit V3.0.6 has been enhanced to allow the definition of multiple response codes for an API operation. Rules that are specified for each response code are used to determine the HTTP status code, and unique response mapping, that are returned in the HTTP response.

The runtime support for multiple response codes requires z/OS Connect EE V3.0.16 or later.

Find out more.

API toolkit and Runtime compatibility

If you plan on upgrading the API toolkit to V3.0.6 (or later), ensure that you also upgrade the z/OS Connect EE server runtime to V3.0.16 (or later). If you do not upgrade the z/OS Connect EE server runtime, you may encounter an internal server error when deploying an API that has operations without a response mapping.

Find out more.

New Overview of z/OS Connect EE security topic

The Knowledge Center contains a new version of the topic providing an overview of z/OS Connect EE security. It begins by discussing the security principles: authentication, identification, authorization, integrity, confidentiality, and auditing. The topic then describes how the security principles apply to z/OS Connect EE, when used as an API provider or API requester. Finally, the topic discusses the security options available for the API provider, and then for the API requester.

Find out more.

New Performance best practices topic

The Knowledge Center contains a new topic providing some performance best practices which should be considered when running z/OS Connect EE in production environments.

Find out more.

Location of new topics in the Knowledge Center table of contents

Format of DateTime output of the file system logger

The format of DateTime output of the file system logger has been corrected to give the time in 24 hour rather than 12 hour format, and the precision has been extended to include milliseconds.
Find out more.

Enhancements to Data SPI

For customers developing monitoring products the Data SPI that provides request-specific data to both interceptors and services, has been enhanced to provide additional data.

API, service and administration requests are now clearly distinguished. Timestamps enable the calculation of the z/OS Connect EE processing time and the time spent connecting to the system of record. Other information now available includes data about the system of record when using the CICS® or IMS™ service provider and the HTTP response code. In addition, a unique correlator is sent on each request to CICS and IMS systems to enable monitoring products to track z/OS Connect EE requests.

This enhancement lays the foundation for enhanced real time monitoring of z/OS Connect EE requests.
Find out more.

WebSphere Liberty Profile

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile that is embedded in z/OS Connect EE V3.0.16 is V18.0.0.3. The version level of the WebSphere Liberty Profile appears in both the top of the z/OS Connect EE messages.log file, and also in the STDOUT logfile.

APAR fixes

View the change history to see the list of APARs fixes included in this release of z/OS Connect EE.

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2 comments on"z/OS Connect EE V3.0.16 released"

  1. Gnana Sekaran Nallathambi December 24, 2018

    Hi, please share some success stories from z/OS connect clients. Thank you.

    • Hi, thank you for your question. There are many enterprises around the world using z/OS Connect EE to API enable their businesses. A big use case for us this year has been PSD2 and open banking and have some clients driving upwards of 10,000,000 API requests per day.

      We have a public reference here:

      That is about as much as I can share in this public forum, but I would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss privately in more detail if you require.

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