We are delighted to announce the release of z/OS Provisioning Toolkit V1.1.4, which supports the newly-released CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS V5.5. The z/OS PT V1.1.4 release includes new templates and sample images so you can provision CICS TS V5.5 regions, while continuing to support versions back to CICS TS V5.1. 

With z/OS PT V1.1.4, you can specify that dynamic port allocation uses multiple port allocation ranges in a network resource pool, depending on the usage type of the requested port.

Support to provision CICS TS V5.5 regions

Using z/OS PT V1.1.4, you can now provision CICS 5.5 regions. We’ve provided new templates, samples, and images in the zospt folder for you to try out.

Multiple port allocation ranges for different usage types

z/OS PT already supports dynamic port allocation, allowing you to create a CICS region with ports that are dynamically allocated from a network resource pool. Different types of ports (e.g. http port, CMCI port) are allocated from the same network resource pool. But what if you want more precise control over which ports are used for which purpose?  

Now, with z/OS PT V1.1.4, you can control this – you can have multiple port ranges in a network resource pool, with a different usage type for each range. So you can provision a CICS region that obtains dynamically allocated ports from different port ranges, depending on the use of the requested port.

When your network administrator uses the Network Configuration Assistant in IBM z/OS Management Facility to define the port allocation ranges, they can set the Usage Type field for each category of port ranges. For example:

Now, when you create your CICS templates in z/OS PT V1.1.4, you can configure your cics.properties file to specify the required usage type for each type of port (e.g. http, CMCI). Then you, or your network administrator, associate the CICS template to that resource pool with those port ranges.

For a list of the supported properties for port usage types, see Configuration properties for CICS images in z/OS Provisioning Toolkit Knowledge Center.

More Information

You can download z/OS Provisioning Toolkit V1.1.4 from our product page.
Detailed information about support for provisioning CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS V5.5 regions can be found in Samples provided with z/OS Provisioning Toolkit. Detailed information about using dynamic port allocation in a template can be found in z/OS Provisioning Toolkit Knowledge Center.

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