On February 12th, IBM announced (RFA link ) a new offering: IBM Z Service Automation Suite v 1.1.0.
IBM Z Service Automation Suite V1.1.0 delivers integrated automation and scheduling management solutions for IBM Z environments.
The capabilities of IBM Z Service Automation Suite V1.1.0 can help:
• Provide compelling management capabilities through automation and scheduling integration for improved business resilience
• Provide modern dashboards to allow for efficient problem identification and resolution
• Consolidate views that can allow for quick assessment for the health of your business environment
• Improve resource utilization
• Improve personnel interaction for better synergy and efficiency
• Reduce outages or delays
• Reduce meantime to correction of complex problems
IBM Z Service Automation Suite V1.1.0 offers a single point of control for a broad range of systems management functions. The suite provides the visibility, control, and automation of a large range of system elements spanning both the hardware and software resources of enterprises in a sysplex.
IBM Z Service Automation Suite V1.1.0 includes:
• IBM System Automation for z/OS, V4.1
• IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS, V6.2.1
• IBM Z Workload Scheduler V9.5 – new release just announced (RFA link)
• IBM Service Management Unite V1.1.6
While all the components in the IBM Z Service Automation Suite are purpose-built to improve management of your IBM Z scheduling and automation processes, one of the more powerful components in this suite, Service Management Unite, plays a key role in simplifying the operation of complex workloads by providing visibility and control for your IBM Z-centric workloads.
Service Management Unite is a customizable management dashboard, bringing mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment. It helps operators triage alerts and take corrective action, including issuing system commands and viewing results, without going to a different console. The new update provides the capability to manage workload scheduler jobs and system automation resources directly together with automation policies and resources. IT Operations teams can obtain an overview of automation and batch job workload for their most important business applications, identifying issues quickly, analyzing the problem, and acting to restore service.
General Availability of the new offering is planned for March 15th for all the components, except for IBM Service Management Unite V1.1.6, that will be available on March 22nd.

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