On February 12th, IBM announced: IBM Z Workload Scheduler v 9.5 (formerly known as IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS).
IBM Z Workload Scheduler, V9.5 increases the level of automation and monitoring with new user defined alerts and actions, enables log data analytics and improves the efficiency of the mainframe workload submission.
IBM Z Workload Scheduler, V9.5 delivers:
• New alerts or actions when an operation does not complete or start within its deadline or by the time that you specify.
• Filters on operations that are late.
• Policies to optimize the workload through a smooth submission of the operations.
• Integration with IBM Common Data Provider for Z to enable IBM Z Workload Scheduler to provide log data to analytic engines.
• Deployment of Dynamic Workload Console and IBM Z Workload Scheduler Agent with Docker containers.
• A brand-new way to create a dashboard for monitoring your environment.
• New EJB plug-in schedule, monitor and control the execution of EJB JAR files.
• SAP integrations certifications for Background Processing, Job Scheduling (BC-XBP), and SAP Business Warehouse.
• New reporting system for the Dynamic Workload Console with renovated look and feel of the reporting system created by using Business Intelligent Report Tool (BIRT).
General Availability of the new offering is planned for March 15th.

Look here for more details.

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