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The enduring strengths of IBM Z remain – security, performance, scalability, availability and data integrity – and now, with the release of Zowe 1.0, which launched last week, Zowe is ready to change the experience of working with, integrating with and developing applications for the mainframe. With this launch, achieved in collaboration with the initial contributors from IBM, and our partners at CA Technologies (now Broadcom), Rocket Software, along with the support of the Open Mainframe Project, we are open for business and ready to improve the flexibility and agility of IBM Z.

With Zowe v1.0, the fully available open source code you can begin to achieve greater:
• Zowe enables easy integration across many tool chains so that development and operation teams can assemble, in a rapid fashion, their workflow from an ever growing variety of tools, apps and z/OS services leveraging the Zowe framework.
• Ensure freedom from vendor lock-in with the integration and inter-operability of Zowe conformant applications and services.
• Zowe allows new developers and engineers to be productive on the platform instantly, with open APIs, open interfaces, and scripting capabilities.

• Zowe configured environments for application development and operations can be used to drive an integrated CI/CD pipeline. This allows Z to build new innovative products and reduce time to market for applications
• Independent Software Vendors leveraging the Zowe framework can provide hooks into products through the API Mediation Layer, allowing a wide variety of customers to then use those APIs to build business applications more quickly, ultimately improving the time to market for Z customers building business applications.

Are you ready?

Since the launch of Zowe, there has been a huge community response with more than 1,700 beta downloads, 700+ members collaborating on slack (with 220+ daily active users) and more than 50 committers contributing on github. To realize the benefits of the Zowe framework you need to install it and make it available to your operations team, your integration team and your developers. You can take advantage of resources at to get started and join the slack channels to engage with the Zowe community. And while Zowe 1.0 just announced, the development continues and we need your input and feedback, so please engage at We have more work to do to reimagine the experience of working with the mainframe

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