We’ve just released the latest z/OS Connect EE open beta.

What’s changed since the previous open beta?

In this release of the open beta refresh, we have significantly enhanced the security section of the z/OS Connect EE IBM Knowledge Center, and there are some new messages relating to configured interceptors.

More information about security in the IBM Knowledge Center

The Security section of the z/OS Connect EE IBM Knowledge Center has been significantly enhanced to provide more information about the supported security methods when z/OS Connect EE is used as an API provider. The new content provides more conceptual information to help you choose the most suitable configuration for your installation.

For each of the security principles (authentication, identification, authorization, integrity, confidentiality, and auditing) described in the Security Overview, there is a learning path which informs the reader how the security principle relates to z/OS Connect EE. This is followed by one or more tasks giving step by step instructions on how to configure the security principle with z/OS Connect EE.

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New interceptor messages

Messages are now written to the messages.log file when interceptors, that are defined globally or for specific APIs or services, are activated and deactivated, to enable verification of interceptor configuration.
Example extract from z/OS Connect EE messages.log file:

WebSphere Liberty Profile

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile embedded in this open beta is version The version level of the WebSphere Liberty Profile appears in both the top of the z/OS Connect EE messages.log file, and also in the STDOUT logfile.

Angel V10

The version of the angel shipped with WebSphere Liberty Profile V18.0.0.4 is version 10.

To check the version of the angel you can issue an MVS system MODIFY command:

modify <angel jobname>,version

For example,

modify baqzangl,version

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API toolkit and Runtime compatibility

If you plan on upgrading the API toolkit to V3.0.6 (or later), ensure that you are using this version of the z/OS Connect EE server open beta. If you do not upgrade the z/OS Connect EE server runtime to this version, you may encounter an internal server error when deploying an API that has operations without a response mapping.

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Find out more on API toolkit and Runtime compatibility.

WOLA and CICS TS 5.5

WOLA is supported with CICS TS 5.5. However, when you start up the TRUE, a message similar to the following will be written to the BBOOUT log file of your CICS region:

TC47BBOC 20190103172340 ue is 0.0000059 WOLA TRACE 0: The current CICS level 0505 is not supported

This message, issued by WebSphere Liberty Profile V18.0.0.4, can be ignored.

Open beta build and expiry dates

The build date for this version of the z/OS Connect EE open beta is 20190226-1119 and appears on the BAQR0000I message.

This version of the z/OS Connect EE open beta is due to expire on 27 May 2019 and appears on the BAQR9999I message. However, do not panic! A newer version of the open beta with additional enhancements will be available to download before this version expires.

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