The Zowe CLI is designed to allow you to work with mainframe resources remotely from a variety of tools such as IDEs, Terminals and build tools. It can also be extended by third parties to work with their products, and this is what we have done for z/OS Connect EE to aid with the the deployment and management of APIs, Services and API Requesters.


Zowe CLI needs to be installed following the instructions on the Zowe website. The z/OS Connect EE plugin is installed by running the following command:
zowe plugins install @zosconnect/zosconnect-zowe-cli

Configuring a connection

Connections to a z/OS Connect EE server are controlled through the use of profiles which are stored on the local machine. A profile for a z/OS Connect EE server can be created by running the command:

zowe profiles create zosconnect -a

If you have security turned on for the server then a user name and password can also be specified.

Working with APIs, Services and API Requesters

Each of the types of artefact has its own command group which allows you to list, create, update, delete, start and stop an API, Service or API Requester. Help about each command can be found by using the --help option and the full list of options is available here.

For example, to install a new API into the server run the command

zowe zosconnect api install path/to/file.aar

If you have any suggestions for what you would like the plug-in to be able to do or if you find any issues then please raise an issue against the GitHub repository.

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