There are many reasons to go to a conference. Frequent flyer points, working on your suntan, and of course free food.

But there are perhaps more noble reasons to go to a really good conference. Meeting other people that share your passion. Learning from the best in the industry about the latest technologies. Having the opportunity to think big and reflect on how you could improve the way things are done back home. With no marketing dribble and lots of good technical discussion.

The IBM Systems Technical University is a really good conference. And we’ve made it even better by creating a new track called DevOps Fast Start Track for IBM Z. We are bringing the brightest people from around the globe to Atlanta to talk about the many different aspects of DevOps on Z. We will cover programming languages from COBOL to Java to Node.js. We’ll discuss the latest IDEs, open source technologies like Jenkins, Git and Zowe. We’ll show you how to create your own z/OS application environment in seconds. Db2 is well covered so you can change not only your code, but your data access as well. No technical conference would be complete without a discussion of the new cloud technologies being rolled out to let you develop applications, access, and manage your IBM Z data and transactions And of course, there will be labs so that people can use the technology with their own hands.

If you sign up for the track, and complete at least 75%, you’ll get a zTechU DevOps digital badge with access to free follow-on education.

For a full list of what’s being offered, check out:
To register, head to:

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