The Node.js framework extends the JavaScript programming language with a set of useful server-side APIs to provide a programming platform that allows efficient development of real-time, scalable server-side network applications. Learn more about IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS on our product page.

Paid IBM Subscription & Support (S&S) entitles you to PTFs and world-class PMR support for Node.js on z/OS; learn more.

You can add paid S&S to an already-obtained version of Node.js for z/OS, or you can get it right when ordering the SMP/E version of the product initially.

First, you will need some information on the capacity you need in terms of Value Units (VU). If you are using Node.js in a new applications container, you can use the size of the container to purchase S&S. If you are enabling it for an LPAR, you can use the size of the LPAR to purchase S&S.

Give this information to your IBM representative and they can help you figure out how many value units (VU) are required. If you are an advanced user, you can also figure it out yourself with the following steps.

1. Download Value Unit Converter Tool here and install it.
2. Using the tool, enter Exhibit ‘VUE007’ and enter your MSUs in the first text box. The tool will tell you how many VUs you need.

Your IBM representative can provide you with pricing information.

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