One of the key advantages of Node.js is its vast collection of open-source community packages. The popular registry contains approximately one million packages, and each day, the community adds 400+ new packages; 3x more than the second most active community (Java).

Download and integrate these packages to jump-start your applications, achieving faster time-to-implementation, and supporting your agile development practices. This development style discourages monolithic applications and encourages better encapsulation.

The Node.js framework is made freely available to z/OS clients via IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS, which allows you to use the community npm packages on z/OS. Furthermore, the SDK includes the npm client so you can install packages right from the command line. View the Getting Started guide for more information.

Here are some popular packages that you should try on z/OS:

Explore more packages on the registry website, where you’ll find exclusive-to-z/OS packages tagged with z/OS. Assume that packages without a z/OS tag will work across all platforms, including z/OS. Let me know in the comments which npm package is your favourite!

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