We’ve just released V3.0.20 of z/OS Connect EE.

There have been some enhancements that you may be interested in, plus some APAR fixes.

Selective Tracking for API Provider

A new capability is available that enables monitoring products to implement selective tracking of z/OS Connect EE requests in the system of record processing the request. This is currently limited to API provider requests sent to CICS and IMS systems. To take advantage of this capability, interceptor writers must implement the new TrackingInterceptor interface.

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Multiple group names for the invoke, operations and reader authorization groups

Multiple group names can now be specified for the invoke, operations and reader authorization groups. This enhancement applies to both the global authorization attributes on the zosconnect_zosConnectManager element, as well as for specific authorization attributes on the zosconnect_zosConnectAPIs > zosConnectAPI, zosconnect_services > service, zosconnect_zosConnectService and zosconnect_apiRequesters > apiRequester elements. Multiple group names were already supported for the administration authorization groups.

Note: If you upgrade to 3.0.20 and you are currently using the Authorization interceptor and an LDAP registry, even if you do not use multiple groups, you must change the values of admin, invoke, operations, and reader group attributes to escape the commas in LDAP group names.

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WebSphere Liberty Profile

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile that is embedded in z/OS Connect EE V3.0.20 is V18.0.0.4.

Angel V10

The version of the angel shipped with WebSphere Liberty Profile V18.0.0.4 is version 10.

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API toolkit V3.0.6.4

The latest version of the z/OS Connect EE API toolkit plug-in to design and create your services and APIs is V3.0.6.4. You are recommended to use the latest version as it includes all the latest fixes.

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