The latest version of the Zowe CLI Plug-in for z/OS Connect EE has just been published and adds the following features:

1) Information on installed artefacts.

Information about installed APIs, Services and API Requesters can be displayed using the info command.

> zowe zosconnect api info catalog
name:        catalog
version:     1.0.0
description: API for the CICS catalog manager sample application
  - placeOrder
  - inquireSingle
  - inquireCatalog
status:      Started

2) Specify connection details on the command line.

To make things easier for CI/CD pipelines to make use of the CLI commands where a profile can’t be stored for repeated use, each of the connection parameters can be specified as part of the command being run.

zowe zosconnect api list --address --user Fred --password fredpwd

3) Support for self-signed certificates

If the z/OS Connect EE server is using a self-signed certificate then the CLI plug-in configuration can be set to accept this by setting the rejectUnauthorized option to false.

Install the latest version of the plug-in into your Zowe CLI installation by running the command:
zowe plugins install @zosconnect/zosconnect-zowe-cli@lts-latest

If you have any feedback on the plug-in please raise an issue on the Github project.

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