Host Configuration Assistant (HCA) is a free cloud-based wizard that is designed to simplify planning and configuring of Z Development products. HCA helps you determine the host components to configure for your products and provides you with feature-based checklists to let you focus on focus. The customized configuration tasks are generated and can be assigned to the programmer to assist the configuration step by step.

Starting from V2.0, Host Configuration Assistant for IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems has been renamed as Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development as HCA is enhanced to support more Z Development products:

  • IBM Z Open Development
  • IBM Z Open Unit Test
  • IBM Dependency Based Build

HCA V2.0 boasts the following updates:

  • Products are introduced into HCA as an alternative way to determine the host components to be configured.
    Apart from selecting the components directly, you can now select the products to filter out the components contained in these products and then adjust the components on the right.
  • The component selection page has been optimized to reflect the relations among products and components:
    • The products contained in the ADFz bundle will be automatically selected when ADFz is selected.
    • The components contained in a product will be automatically selected when the product is selected.
    • The prerequisite product/component of a product/component will also be automatically selected.

    For example, as IBM Explorer for z/OS is a prerequisite product for IBM Z Open Development. When IBM Z Open Development is selected, IBM Explorer for z/OS is automatically selected. And as the main host component in IBM Explorer for z/OS, z/OS Explorer is also selected automatically.

    You can manually deselect z/OS Explorer, then a message would pop out to confirm with you to ensure that the prerequisite product/component is properly handled.

  • The restore option has been moved from the component selection page to the task selection page, so that if you can restore your previous selection faster.
  • Adjustments have also been made for prerequisite components like z/OS Explorer and ADFz Common Components to simply choice-making:
    • ADFz Common Components can no longer been selected as an independent component.
    • ADFz Common Components feature list now exists only on the configuration pages of the components that requires ADFzCC.
    • The z/OS Explorer feature selection is consolidated into the z/OS Explorer configuration page, because the z/OS Explorer component is now automatically selected as a prerequisite component.
    • Notes will be displayed when applicable for better choices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us ( if there is any feedback on HCA.

Enjoy the new functions!

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