IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) has been announced and is now available since 6/21 as a stand-alone product. Previously DBB was a feature of IBM Developer for z Systems Enterprise Edition (IDz) and IBM Z Open Development (ZOD). With this new delivery vector, clients using Standard Edition of IDz or any other Integrated Development Environment for COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler can now access to build capabilities integrated to modern Source Configuration Managers (SCM) and Pipeline Coordinators.

DBB 1.0.5 also introduces new features delivered as samples on DBB repository :
Scripts are provided to convert JCLs to Groovy scripts using the DBB API to assist in your migration from any Library Manager to any modern SCM
– A new Application Build Scripts sample for z/OS (zAppBuild) with configuration files to allow them to be used with limited modifications, based on client deployment experiences.
– an ISPF Git Client is provided as a sample to allow those who wish to continue to use ISPF Edit or for those quick edits on the system.

DBB 1.0.5 core APIs have also been enhanced :
Dependencies Management now supports finding and copying COBOL copybooks and PL/I include files that are stored in tar files and gzip files.
– During migration of data sets to Git, automatic detection of source members that contain characters that cannot be safely converted from IBM-1047 to UTF-8.
DBB Web Application Liberty server is now supported on Linux on IBM Z.

Start evaluating DBB today with a zero-install environment including Jenkins and Git running on IBM Z Development & Test with the IBM Z Trial Program. Z Trial Program is completely free and can be available in two hours for three days, where you can learn key capabilities through four scenarios including hands-on tutorials that explain how to:
Load a Git repository and modify the COBOL code
Run a build with IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) and visually debug the program.
Commit and push modifications into the Git repository and request a Jenkins build.
Write a sample build script using DBB.

For more information check out the DBB marketplace page.

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