To obtain the SMP/E version of IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS, you can either order it via Shopz or contact your existing IBM representative to place the Shopz order for you.

Optionally paid IBM Subscription & Support (S&S) entitles you to world-class support for IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS. With S&S, you are able to open service requests for IBM, which are prioritized based on severity and addressed in documented turnaround times; learn more.

You can add paid S&S to an already-obtained SMP/E version of IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS by contacting your IBM representative, or you can get it when ordering the SMP/E version of the product initially. If you are ordering IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS as a prerequisite for Zowe, or OMEGAMON for Storage, the support you already receive for those products will cover your support needs for IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS too.

Shopz allows you to obtain the no charge SMP/E version with the option of adding Subscription & Support.
When you register for Shopz, you enter the customer numbers that you use to manage software. All existing IBM customers have at least one customer number. Multiple customer numbers are frequently used to manage software on different systems. If you don’t have a customer number, contact your existing IBM representative or get connected with a representative here.

Steps to order the SMP/E edition (with or without paid S&S) in Shopz:

After you login to Shopz, go to My Orders, click Create new order, and use the following selections to purchase IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS, V8:
Select the radio button for package category: z/OS – Products = CBPDO (products).
Note: ServerPac (which has a dialog program to help you install) will become available at a later date.
1. Optional: Name your order. Press Continue.
2. You should see a list of your company hardware. Select hardware model for installation. Press Continue.
3. Optional: You can upload a report of your current software environment, and Shopz will tell you required prerequisites. Press Continue.
4. Shop for products. Under the Catalog view, select the following:
Group: All groups
Language: All languages
Filter: Show all products
Search field: Product ID
Search for: 5655-DKN
Click “Show catalog”.
Select 5655-DKN in the search results. 
Press Continue.
5.  Verify your order.
6.  Select the new license.
7.  Specify delivery options. Select delivery media and provide shipping information.
Note: In the special instructions box, indicate either ‘I would like to purchase S&S’ or ‘I would like to opt out of S&S’.
8.   Review the order and submit.

You will get a pricing notification for the SMP/E edition without S&S, which is no license charge. If you specify that you’d like to purchase S&S, IBM will contact you about placing an S&S order. 

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