We’ve just released V3.0.23 of z/OS Connect EE.

In this release we have enhanced support for array counters, provided guidance and support to cache connections with IMS when using API requester, upgraded the level of Liberty, and included some APAR fixes.

Enhanced support for array counters

z/OS Connect EE V3.0.23 and the API toolkit V3.0.6.7 have been enhanced to allow numeric service fields to be defined as counters for fixed and variable length arrays. These array counters are used to optimize both the necessary service memory required for an API request, as well as the JSON payload issued from an API response.

Server runtime support for the array counters capability requires z/OS Connect EE V3.0.23 or later.

The following API toolkit V3.0.6.7 screenshot shows an array, F_NAME, whose number of elements are determined by the counter F_NAME_CNT.

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Cached connections with IMS when using API requester

If you use API requester with IMS, you must add a call in your IMS application to close and clear the cached connection. Failing to do this may lead to memory not being reusable until the IMS process terminates.

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WebSphere Liberty Profile

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile that is embedded in z/OS Connect EE V3.0.23 is V19.0.0.6. This version of Liberty allows you to refresh the keystore configurations, including SAF key rings, for a z/OS Connect EE server using the Liberty MODIFY command.

For example:

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Angel V11

The version of the angel shipped with WebSphere Liberty Profile V19.0.0.6 is version 11. This is the same version that was shipped with Liberty V19.0.0.3.

You are advised to update your system so that your z/OS Connect EE server uses this version of the angel. If you choose not to update to this level of the angel, then the following warning message will appear in your messages.log file:

CWWKB0127W: The current angel version is earlier than the version that the server expects. Update the angel version to the latest available version.

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API toolkit V3.0.6.7 / V3.2.6.7

The latest version of the z/OS Connect EE API toolkit plug-in to design and create your services and APIs is V3.0.6.7 for Aqua 3.0 users and V3.2.6.7 for Aqua 3.2 users. You are recommended to use this latest version as it includes all the latest features and fixes.

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