Just like the finest sports cars are built on a sound chassis, the highest performing and reliable z/OS software is built using the latest advancements in compiler technology coupled with the latest IBM Z hardware.

IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS v3.2,  formerly known as IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems,  delivers flexibility in DevOps pipeline coordinators and scripting languages, along with keeping the proud tradition of day one compiler support.  Refer to the announce letter for more details 
ADFz 3.2 brings the following key features:

  • IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition 14.2, IBM Debug for z/OS 14.2, and IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS 14.1.8 deliver day one support for the most current operating systems and advanced compiler optimization technology including: 
    – Support for notable compilers and optimizers such as: IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS,
    V6.3, IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS, V5.3, and IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS,V2.1. 
    – IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition and IBM Debug for z/OS support for
    IBM z/OS V2.4 and IBM z/OS V2.4 XL C/C++.

  • IBM File Manager for z/OS V14.1.8 and IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS V14.1.8 now benefit from Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS for secure authentication.  This builds upon the existing Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS capability for IBM Developer for z/OS, and IBM Debug for z/OS. 
  • Enhanced support for IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS V14.2, including improvements to Eclipse 4.8 (Photon) client support.
  • Additional enhancements to the components of IBM Developer for OS Enterprise Edition (formerly IBM Developer for z Systems Enterprise Edition). IBM Developer for z/OS 14.2 delivers PL/I program analytics,  RESTful APIs to configure  CICS  and non-CICS  profiles to enable just in time code coverage, and features that ease the transition from ISPF to a modern development environment. And Dependency Based Build V1.0.6 enhances the developer experience with increased coverage of market-leading pipeline coordinators and deployment tooling, and more open and familiar scripting language and API options for developers and DevOps engineers. Refer to the IBM Developer for z/OS 14.2 announcement letter to learn more.  
    As a reminder, the development tools that make up Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS can be obtained as a bundled offering or individually. Version 3.2 brings enhancements that are built on the existing strengths of each component.  

    IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition
    is a superset of IBM Developer for z/OS and Debug for z Systems with value add capabilities like Dependency Based Build (DBB). IBM Developer for z/OS serves as the developer’s cockpit and provides an integrated development environment for developing, building, unit testing, and debugging IBM z/OS® applications.  Debug for z/OS is powered by IBM’s next generation debug technology, the IBM z/OS Debugger. And DBB provides the facilities to build traditional z/OS applications, with a  modern scripting-language-based capability to automate delivery into a open DevOps pipeline.  

    IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS simplifies the process of diagnosing z/OS application abends, now with 64-bit PL/I support and with 14.1.8 Enhancements include support for Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS for secure authentication.

    IBM File Manager for z/OS  provides a comprehensive set of tools for efficiently manipulating z/OS data, with 14.1.8 Enhancements include support for Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS for secure authentication.

    IBM Application Performance Analyzer identifies the source-code of those z/OS applications that are responsible for high CPU consumption, long I/O time, and batch and web jobs exceeding expected windows. 

    IBM z/OS Explorer, is the strategic integration platform for IBM Eclipse-based offerings for z/OS application developers and system programmers
    ADFz will accelerate your digital transformation initiatives at each stage .  From keeping your core z/OS applications running optimally, to helping you achieve shift-left testing. As an essential part of your DevOps tool chain, ADFz can ensure that your automated delivery pipeline continues on its path to success.

    In the coming weeks, stay tuned to Mainframe DEV for in-depth information on what’s new in each of these products and how you can use this powerful solution to rapidly deliver new innovation on IBM Z.

    Here is a series of blogs we have –
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    3.Whats New in FM
    4.What’s new in IBM z/OS Debugger v14.2

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