IBM z/OS Debugger boasts many fixes and new features in v14.2.0:

P2 installs

The z/OS Debugger is included in product packages that are now offering P2 installation:

  • IBM Developer for z/OS (renamed from IBM Developer for z Systems), and
  • IBM Debug for z/OS (renamed from IBM Debug for z Systems), and extension offering to IBM Explorer for z/OS

See the AQUA download site to start installing.

Currency Support

z/OS Debugger now supports z/OS 2.4, and the latest compilers: COBOL v6.3, Enterprise PL/I 5.3, C/C++ 2.4, HLAsm 2.4.
See known issues and limitations for additional information.

Section Source Entry Breakpoints

With z/OS Debugger v14.1.5, introduced paragraph source entry breakpoints, and in v14.2.0, support is added for section source entry breakpoints. When editing COBOL source prior to your debug session, using the COBOL or System z LPEX Editor, right-click in the left ruler in the editor and select Add section breakpoint:
Editor left-ruler context menu
Alternatively, you can add the breakpoint from the outline view:
Outline view context menu

IMS Transaction Isolation support for IMS Catalog and IMS Managed ACBs

In support of IMS v15’s statement of direction, IMS Transaction Isolation facility no longer accesses IMS ACB libraries. It has a simplified setup and is compatible with ACB management by IMS Catalog. The setting of IMSISOORIGPSB in EQAOPTS no longer has any effect and the original PSB is always preserved. For more information, see enabling the Transaction Isolation Facility.
IMS Isolation remote GUI is available in Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition and can also be accessed through a 3270 UI in Debug for z/OS and Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition.

Code Coverage

z/OS Debugger continues to focus on code coverage. Results are now generated, in both the user interface, and in the headless code coverage collector, using the IBM CC API (*.cczip). This removes the need to zip results and facilitates sharing via import, export, as well as remote access of results.
Lately, it seems like everything is moving to the cloud and is accessed using a web page. Code coverage is joining that movement. In an upcoming blog you will see how that transition started in IDz 14.1.5 and is being extended with the introduction of Code Coverage as a Service (CCaaS).

Debug Profile Service

z/OS Debugger introduces a new debug profile service to create, modify and delete debug profiles for CICS and non-CICS applications.
The Debug Profile Service is a REST API that uses the HTTP protocol to provide RESTful access to a set of resources related to debug profiles. For detailed documentation on the API, see z/OS Debug Profile Service API.
Keep your eyes open for an upcoming blog, on leveraging the debug profile restful APIs to Configure debug for headless code coverage as part of your devOps build.

Until next time…happy debugging!

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