A successful DevOps transformation involves a balancing act between agility, cost, and innovation. Thus, a key question to answer is: How do I produce dev/test environments quickly, while minimizing the operational cost to provide them. With the new Docker support and Db2 extraction support that comes as part of the IBM Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T) v12.0.4 which will be released on Sep 24,2019, you will have the flexibility to produce as many dev/test instances tailored to your application as you want. You can code, update, and test in this safe environment, you can destroy this and bring it up again without worrying that the cost would be higher than affordable.

New in v12.0.4

  • Support Db2 artifacts extraction and deployment. We scan your entire Db2 subsystem and give you the option to pick and choose the Db2 artifacts (Table/View/etc) that are needed in the target system. We will create Db2 objects based on your input, and clone the content from your source system to the target system in an automated way.
  • Docker support. Simplifying the configuration and deployment process, If you incorporate this with the cloud technology, you can get your z/OS up and running in just a few minutes from scratch.
  • New ADCD May 2019 Edition.
  • Support the configuration of Cryptographic Coprocessors.
  • Numerous enhancements to the web based interface and corresponding REST APIs.
  • Various usability, and navigation.
  • To view the complete list and best practice/recommendation, please visit our Knowledge Centre.(*v12.0.4 update will be available on Sep 24,2019)

What’s next

  • Today,the latest addition to the IBM Z family, the z15 is announced. ZD&T will provides support on the z15 hardware and z/OS v2.4 in the next release.
  • As we continue working around Docker Container related technology, ZD&T will explore various scenarios in this space and will publish the instuctions and best practices on our Knowledge Centre.Stay tuned!

Additional information
Our latest case study with Tieto and Xact.
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For more information and to keep up with the latest updates, please visit the Library page.
Let us know what additional functionality you need in ZD&T by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.
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  1. Robert Barringer January 06, 2020

    When will the the ADCD with zOS2.4 be available for ZD&T

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