Okay, I’ll try to make this fast.

A recent Google search returned the following statistic:
The average attention span of adults has dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000, to eight seconds in recent years.

Actually? I reckon it’s five. Let me explain.

If I turn on the radio and there’s a song playing that I haven’t heard, I give it five seconds or less before changing the station. If there’s a show on TV that I haven’t seen before, it gets 5 seconds to impress – or (Click) channel-switch.

Where am I going with this?

Now to be fair, the “eight seconds” data point that I mentioned earlier is task-dependent. If we all had an eight second attention span that was task-agnostic & across the board we would be in big trouble. But this trend of reduced attention span raises questions in technical enablement. Let’s look at this.

I’ll give the data from my quick Google search the benefit of the doubt. For the sake of argument, I’ll double my attention span, making it 10 seconds. Within 10 seconds, I am making the following decisions:

• Is this worth my time – will it make my professional life somehow better?
• Should I devote more attention to this?
• Is this interesting – will I retain any of it?

There is a lot of churn happening in our industry – especially around cloud computing, CI/CD, shift-left testing, DevOps/DevSecOps, accelerated software development and management lifecycle, etc.
To keep up with market demands, shops are empowering their developers with tools that match the requirements of speed, security, and continuous delivery of new features for end-users. Here’s the catch: in order to benefit from the power of DevOps tooling, developers need to know how to use the tools. How do we accomplish this? Well – I promised to keep this short – so if you’re stilling reading, be sure to check out the next blog entitled “Technical Enablement in a Short Attention Span World”, coming next week.

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  1. Consumable information to go with consumable tooling. 🙂

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