Z DevOps Transformation Journey with IBM

Here at IBM, we know that DevOps transformations are anything but plug-and-play; each enterprise brings with it its own culture, IT infrastructure, and mission.  Embarking on a complete redesign of your software development life-cycle is a lot to digest.  It can be tough, we get it.  

It’s true that successful transformations require an absolute paradigm shift within the organization.¬† And perhaps many enterprises wish to begin their migration today but always find themselves putting it off till tomorrow. Well, We wanted to create a better way of bridging the gap between the intention to move towards a DevOps model and the successful transformation of such a move.¬† So that’s why we’ve created the DevOps Acceleration Program (DAP). The DAP is a value add, early adoption partner program, designed to accelerate your DevOps transformation.¬†

We’ve designed DAP into four distinct stages that we believe are necessary for any DevOps transformation:

We believe the first stage is crucial, as it sets the tone for the entire transformation.¬† That’s why we’re recommending our customers begin with the Value Stream Assessment¬†¬†¬†

Value Stream Assessment: An IBM-led collaborative session driven by a SWAT team ending with a customized roadmap designed to meet your exact requirements.¬† The roadmap can be used as a guide to help you maximize the value of your transformation and improve your enterprise software delivery practices.¬† Together we’ll tackle the toughest obstacles.¬† “Where do we need to go…Why should we change now…What is stopping us from succeeding?”¬† These questions along with others we’ll answer together.¬† And in this stage we’ll also determine next steps and recommend training specific to your enterprise’s needs.¬†¬†

Training: One of the most important stages.¬† With Self-paced online courses, on-demand Instructor-led Virtual training, you choose exactly what you want, when you want it.¬† The road to DevOps can be a bumpy one, so you’ll need immediate access to best practices and lessons learned.¬† And, rest assured because we’ll be there by your side every step of the way.¬† Training is ongoing, but once you’ve been introduced to these resources we’ll then discuss your deployment strategy.

Deployment: A no strings attached remote technical services program focused on deployment, preparation, planning, and scoping for select offerings, including: 

  • IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz)
  • Z Open Development (ZOD) ¬© ‚Äď including Git and DBB (Dependency Based Build)
  • Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI)

Finally comes adoption. 

Adopting a DevOps model is both technological and a cultural feat. The industry is moving towards open source for development tool and IBM is embracing this approach by adopting market leader Git as the SCM. With our guidance and support through DevOps Acceleration Program, you’ll easily transform from a traditional Library Manager to Git on Z, further integrating to a pipeline enabling continuous integration and deployment. We want you to be able to use the tools you want to use and achieve enterprise wide standardization

We recognize that you need to be able to move at a pace similar to the way the world moves.¬† Enterprises no longer have the luxury of passively waiting for answers.¬† Shoot, you might not even know the right questions to ask!¬† Conversely, many of our customers simply lack the tools and resources to continuing paving their own future.¬† So rather than searching far and wide, the DevOps Acceleration Program has done the work for you.¬† Now you’ll have the resources to not only move with the speed of change, but move ahead of it.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!¬† Click the link to learn more¬†¬†

DevOps Acceleration Program

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