IBM Z Open Editor V0.3.11 was released on VS Code marketplace. Check out the following new features and enhancements in this release.

Unreachable COBOL code warnings

Unreachable code is source code in a program that can never be executed because there is no path to the code from the rest of the program. IBM Z Open Editor performs real-time syntax checking for unreachable COBOL code, and by default enables warnings for unreachable COBOL code. You can now disable unreachable COBOL code warnings by providing the preference settings: "zopeneditor.cobol.enableUnreachableCodeWarnings": false. For more information, see Enabling and disabling unreachable COBOL code warnings.

Glob patterns, relative path patterns, and absolute path patterns

IBM Z Open Editor supports glob patterns, relative path patterns, and absolute path patterns for local files in order to provide syslib locations as well as locations of libraries. Glob pattern matching in Property Group settings for finding copybooks on the local file system is implemented. Use with care as a large search space slows down the editor. For more information, see Setting IBM Z Open Editor property groups using glob patterns, relative path, and absolute path (Local files only).

Property groups for multi-root workspaces

Setting property groups for multi-root workspaces is supported. Multi-root workspaces allow you to work with multiple project folders in Visual Studio Code. This can be very helpful when you are working on several related projects at one time. VS Code multi-root workspaces lets you to specify Property Groups for finding copybooks for a workspace consisting of many development project folders and Git repositories. To use it, move your Property Groups to the Workspace File. For more information, see Setting IBM Z Open Editor property groups in multi-root workspaces.

Tab stops

IBM Z Open Editor provides support for adding custom tab stops in your COBOL source code. You can provide a column number (0-based columns) to stop the cursor when you press the tab key.  For more information, see Setting COBOL tab stops.

You can always find the latest documentation of IBM Z Open Editor on our documentation website. Should you have any questions or feedback, file Issues on our GitHub repository.

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