IBM Z Open Editor V0.4.1 is now released on VS Code marketplace with support for IBM Enterprise COBOL V6.3 and PL/I V5.3.

This release delivers some key enhancements and fixes to the reported issues that you don’t want to miss, especially the enhancements to code snippets. Read on to discover more.

Code snippet enhancements

Code snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repeating code patterns. To help you improve productivity and standardize on code patterns and best practices, IBM Z Open Editor ships with a library of IBM field contributed code snippets for COBOL embedded SQL and CICS, PL/I embedded SQL, and various JCL snippets. You can use these code snippets with either the VS Code snippet picker or the code completion feature while editing a program file. For details, see Using code snippets.

If you are using the IBM Developer for z/OS (IDz) and have created custom code snippets there, you can export these code snippets and import them into the IBM Z Open Editor. Follow these steps to export and import code snippets.

You can also easily create your own code snippets by using the VS Code functions. For more information, see Creating your own code snippets.

Default setting for COBOL unreachable code warnings

COBOL unreachable code warnings is set to be off by default because there are cases in which it can provide false positives (see here for details). If you can accept the risk of a few false reports, you can enable it by specifying "zopeneditor.cobol.enableUnreachableCodeWarnings": true in VS Code user or workspace setting.


In addition to the enhancements above, the following issues are fixed in this release:

  • Fixed a code completion bug for COBOL and PL/I that would erase text to the right of the cursor.
  • Fixed an issue in which invalid PIC clauses would not be reported as syntax errors.
  • Issue 7: Fixed issues with COBOL unreachable code warnings not being shown at all in some cases.
  • Issue 9: Fixed cases in which COBOL statements before the IDENTIFICATION DIVISION would break syntax checking.
  • Issue 13: Fixed exceptions thrown by the PL/I LSP when computing document links.

2 comments on"What’s new in IBM Z Open Editor V0.4.1"

  1. Hi
    Does this version fix the Hebrew problems?

  2. Peter Haumer December 02, 2019

    Hello Eran. Can you file an issue with how to reproduce the problem here, please?

    Generally, we only added COBOLand PL/I language support to the VS Code editor and VS Code deal with all the encodings. Comments do not factor into that, yet. When we test loading files from z/OS we use the Zowe CLI that uses z/OSMF to convert files to UTF-8. Could this be related to a conversion issue that needs to be fixed by this or another third party framework?

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