IBM z/OS Debugger has many fixes (more than 20 APARs fixed on the host and client – whoa!) and new features in v14.2.:

Passphrase and Multi-Factor Authentication

TIM has been enhanced to support passphrases and multi-factor authentication. When the number of characters entered into the password field, including blanks, exceeds 8, the input is passed to the security system as a password phrase. For additional information on TIM, see Using z/OS Debugger Terminal Interface Manager as a dedicated terminal.

Improved usability with Debug Manager Certificates

When certificates used for Remote Systems Explorer (RSE) and Debug Manager share a common CA root, the certificate will now be trusted automatically when running in Debug Tool compatibility mode (DBMDT). In addition, in Debug Tool compatibility mode, when the certificate being used by the Debug Manager does not share the same root as RSE, users will now be prompted to see if they want to import and trust the certificate automatically:import certificate dialog
For more information, see Using encrypted communication with Debug Manager and Configuring encrypted communication with Debug Manager.

Enterprise COBOL v6.3 UTF-8 variables

Support for the new UTF-8 data item type, introduced in COBOL 6.3, has been added to the z/OS Debugger. See UTF-8 variables in the Variables view and create expressions with UTF-8 which you can watch in the Monitors view. The memory view can also be used to view UTF-8 content by using the Traditional rendering, then selecting the UTF-8 from the Text menu:

  • Select Traditional rendering when monitoring memory:Traditional rendering context menu
  • Select the UTF-8 option from the Text menu:Text > UTF-8 Context Menu
  • Memory view showing UTF-8 characters:Memory View with UTF-8 data
    • Note that when multi-byte UTF-8 characters span the byte column groupings, they will not be rendered in the text area correctly
      For more information on the Memory view, see Inspecting memory in the Memory view.

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