Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development (HCA) V2.2 has been released.

Starting from V2.2, HCA has been migrated to a new site: The old site has been redirected to this new one and will become deprecated in the short future. Please update your bookmark if you’ve saved the old site.

z/OS Dynamic Test Runner

In V2.2, HCA is updated to support the host configuration of IBM z/OS Dynamic Test Runner (FMID HAL6xxx). z/OS Dynamic Test Runner offers tools for recording and replay of CICS and Db2 transactions for the z/OS Automated Unit Testing Framework (zUnit). These tools include an interface to the zUnit test case generation tools, an optional data collection configuration file, exit points for customized coding of the mater test case, tools for customizing the playback process, and a Dynamic Test Runner API.

z/OS Dynamic Test Runner requires IBM z/OS Explorer Extensions as a prerequisite component. When you select z/OS Dynamic Test Runner, z/OS Explorer Extensions will be automatically selected, and then z/OS Explorer will also be automatically selected as it is required by z/OS Explorer Extensions.

When you deselect z/OS Explorer Extensions, a message will pop up to confirm with you.

If you click Yes after confirmation. z/OS Explorer Extensions will then be deselected. If z/OS Explorer is automatically selected because z/OS Explorer Extensions is selected, z/OS Explorer will then be automatically deselected as well.

Z Open Automation Utilities

Z Open Automation Utilities (FMID HAL51xxx), previously provided as a feature on the DBB feature selection page, can now be selected as a component.

z/OS Source Code Analysis

When you select z/OS Source Code Analysis on the component selection page, z/OS Debugger is now automatically selected because the code coverage function requires z/OS Debugger. z/OS Explorer will be automatically selected when z/OS Debugger is selected as it is required by z/OS Debugger.

When you deselect z/OS Debugger, a message will pop up.

The relationships between components are also indicated in the following places:

  • In the component’s short description that appears when you move mouse over a certain component on the component selection page:
  • At the end of the components’ configuration pages:

Consolidated product registration information

In this release, we’ve started to consolidate repetitive information across the components, and the registration information is the first one to be consolidated.

  • A product list is provided on the component’s configuration page, if the component requires registration. 

  • The product is now preselected in the list, if you have selected the product on the component selection page.

    If you have selected multiple products, the product that enables the most functions for a component is pre-selected on the component’s configuration page.
  • The registration information of the selected products can be found under the Product registration section in the generated configuration tasks report.

Other updates

On the Send or save the configuration tasks report page, Send the report to me is now selected as default under the Generate and send the report option.

There are also other enhancements in HCA V2.2 to provide more accurate information and to further improve user experience. Please play with the tool and let us know should there be any comments or feedback.

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2 comments on"Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development (HCA) V2.2 released"

  1. I enjoy the number of available tools used to enhance the DevOps experience; especially Bluemix, a tool which helps with infrastructure. I also look forward to utilizing the ADFz Host Configuration Assistant tool. I’ve learned a great deal over the last couple of days on Z’s deployment assistant tool.

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for your comment! I hope you’ll have a great experience with HCA:-) Please let me know if you’ve got any questions or feedback: we are always trying to make this tool even better for users.
      Just for your information: we’ll soon deliver HCA V2.3 to support the latest releases of these zDevOps products/host components.

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