In our latest episode of Z DevOps Talks, we welcomed Suman Gopinath. Until recently, Suman was one of our Lead Architects for Z DevOps, but…that’s all changed. We’ve just learned this past week that Suman has been named one of our newest Senior Technical Staff Members (STSM). This is a huge accomplishment and big step in Suman’s career and we couldn’t be happier for her. Congratulations Suman!

    And if you are interested in a career in IBM development or just want to learn more, check this page out. Did you know Suman is a Redbooks author? Check it out here. Pretty cool, right?

    For this fourth episode we discussed:

  • what it means to be a Z Architect
  • what Suman has been “architecting” these days
  • and why all the interest surrounding IBM’s Z Open Unit Test
    • And if you are just joining us, we encourage you to check our archives and listen to the rest of our catalogue.

      Thanks for coming back, we hope you enjoy!

      2 comments on"Z DevOps Talks Season 1 Episode 4: Suman Gopinath"

      1. Great show! I’ve worked with Suman in the past and she was a joy to work with. What she said in this discussion really resonated with me, and I can vouch for it. When working on zUnit integration, Suman and Bill (when’s he going on the podcast??) really worked with us to find a solution that works for us. When the solution ended up being we need some changes to zUnit, there was no hesitation to say that they can be worked on. I’m excited to, once these features are complete, start rolling out zUnit to my shop and I know the support will be fantastic.

        I liked hearing Suman say “For now…” when it was discussed that the smallest unit of COBOL was a whole program… I’m excited to see the future of zUnit, testing at a paragraph level would be a true game changer.

        Thanks, Chris, Chris, and Suman! Or should I say, The Avengers?

      2. Tim,

        Thanks again for the kind words. And yes, Suman was being too modest. She is such an expert in this area. You are right, we do need to get Bill on the show. Next time we are all together we need to make it happen. So you caught the “for now” comment too…certainly a missed opportunity to ask some probing questions! What if we went with “THE AVENGER/z”…too much?

        Thanks again for giving us a listen!

        [The other] Chris

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