z/OS Connect EE can be used to create RESTful APIs to Db2 data on z/OS. Using the z/OS Connect EE API toolkit you can create a service project to describe Db2 data for use in an API. The service can be easily defined by importing a Db2 native REST service from the Db2 service manager. This feature requires API toolkit V3.0.7.0 (Aqua 3.1) / V3.2.7.0 (Aqua 3.2) or later.

This video shows a demo of how to quickly create a swagger defined, RESTful API to Db2 data on z/OS, using the Db2 service project editor in z/OS Connect EE API Toolkit.

To help you get started we have created some new Quick Start Scenarios which include instructions on creating Db2 native REST services, creating a z/OS Connect EE server using the new Db2 template, configuring the z/OS Connect EE server, creating the new Db2 service projects, and creating an API.

For more information about this capability see:

For more information about how to set up Db2 native REST Services see:

For more information about z/OS Connect EE see:

IBM® z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition (EE) allows you to create truly RESTful APIs to and from mainframe assets.

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