We would like to announce an update to IBM SDK for Node.js — z/OS, V12 that is based on the community Node.js v12.14.1 release.

What’s new in this update?


  • Three vulnerabilities were addressed in Node Package Manager (npm) as part of the v12.14.0 community release (See the official Node.js security post for more details)

Performance improvements:

Performance improvements specific to z/OS have been made in the following areas:

  • General performance fix that eliminates calls to a debug hook function when the Node.js inspector is not active
  • Javascript regular expressions now compile to native z/OS code by default, providing a significant performance improvement for regexp-heavy applications

Sub-capacity Eligibility:

  • IBM SDK for Node.js- z/OS now registers application usage under SMF record type 89 subtype 1. For more information on Sub-capacity reporting, see here

For more details on what’s included in IBM SDK for Node.js — z/OS, V12, see our previous blog post

Why Node.js on IBM Z?

By deploying Node.js applications on IBM Z, clients gain all the strengths, security and reliability of the mainframe. IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS can take advantage of the co-location of your data and existing applications on IBM Z to significantly increase throughput and reduce response time. Easily and securely orchestrate APIs while controlling which data will be exposed, and keeping all confidential data secure inside the Z platform.

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