Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development (HCA) V2.3 has been released.

Host updates

In V2.3, HCA is updated to support the latest changes to the host components of zDevOps products. Please find below the host updates or configuration suggestions that deserve your attention.

z/OS Explorer

z/OS SSH terminals are added for the SSH connection to the host.

  • SSH terminals allow users to run UNIX commands and programs like RSE Shells.
  • Unlike an RSE Shell, an SSH terminal uses a PTY (pseudo-terminal), which allows users to run interactive tty commands.

z/OS Debugger

To use the latest debug profile user interface, configure the following services:

  • Remote System Explorer from z/OS Explorer is required for z/OS connections.
  • To enable all the features for the best user experience, configure Debug Profile Service and use z/OS Explorer host V3.1.1.23 or later.
  • For CICS users, also add support for the DTCN profiles APIs and views.

HCA enhancements

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