Salutations. We hope this message finds you well. The IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS team is pleased to announce our latest Continuous Delivery (CD) update.
IBM APA for z/OS Version 14.2.2 is now officially available. In this CD update we’ve added the following:


  • Add “About APA” feature in ISPF interface (still accessible using the “VER” command)
  • Enhanced Java JAR SPM to search using the A03 directory
  • Add support for 64-bit Java JIT compiled methods
  • Display 3-digit mod-level for DB2 V12 and higher
  • Support for DISALLOW_SSARAUTH=YES for DB2 V12 and higher
  • Capture and report JCL for measured JOBS (new report: A06)
  • Add CHKP records used to message CAZ0735I
  • Add PSA/SYS to S01 storage map
  • Add SMP/E sample job to delete old version
  • Add support for EAV to ESD Extractor


  • Abend S0F8-10 in CAZ00075
  • No data in J03 report for 31-bit Java measurements
  • PSW addresses on odd byte boundary in report C03
  • Import function fail when DSN length is greater than 42 characters

On this CD update many of our enhancements were the direct result of you, our users, submitting Requests for Enhancement (RFEs) through our RFE portal. Most notably were the requests for an “About” feature in ISPF3270 and enhanced Java reporting. Remember, if you have an idea for a request, we encourage you to submit it so we can include it in future CD updates. We’ll even walk you through the creation of the RFE, just drop a comment below or email me directly. In fact, just this past week we assisted one of our European banking customers with submitting an RFE. And while you’re in the portal be sure to check out the most recent RFEs too. There you can vote on your favorites and add RFEs to your watch list as well.

Be sure to visit the following helpful resources for (updated) all things IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS:

Many thanks from the entire IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS team! We wish you all a safe and healthy week.

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