We’ve just released V3.0.33 of z/OS Connect EE and z/OS Connect EE Unlimited.

In this release we have added PassTicket support For IMS services and added a number of APAR fixes. Also please read the information in case you need to Prepare for a forthcoming change to CORS.

PassTicket support for IMS services

z/OS Connect EE has been enhanced to support the use of PassTicket authentication for IMS services. Using PassTickets allows for z/OS Connect EE to enable SAF authentication for IMS without having access to the SAF password. A PassTicket is generated for a specific user ID and application, by z/OS Connect EE, and is then passed to IMS where it is validated.

A distributed ID, which must be mapped to a SAF user ID unless it is already a SAF user ID, is included in the request to z/OS Connect EE, where is then authenticated. The user ID from the request is then propagated to IMS with the generated PassTicket, where further authentication is then carried out by IMS. If a specific user ID is required for authentication with IMS for all requests, then this user ID can be configured in your server.xml configuration file within the userName attribute.

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WebSphere Liberty Profile V20.0.0.3

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile that is embedded in z/OS Connect EE V3.0.33 is V20.0.0.3.

Angel V13

The version of the angel shipped with WebSphere Liberty Profile V20.0.0.3 is version 13.

You are advised to update your system so that your z/OS Connect EE server uses this version of the angel. If you choose not to update to this level of the angel, then the following warning message will appear in your messages.log file:

CWWKB0127W: The current angel version is earlier than the version that the server expects. Update the angel version to the latest available version.

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Prepare for a forthcoming change to CORS

z/OS Connect EE currently enables CORS automatically, even when there is no CORS support configured in server.xml. The API toolkit requires that CORS is enabled on the z/OS Connect EE server to connect. In a future CD update of z/OS Connect EE V3.0, this automatic CORS enablement will be removed and the enhanced CORS capability supplied in Liberty should be used instead. If you currently have no CORS configuration, you are advised to update your configuration to include it to avoid problems on future updates.

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API toolkit versions

The latest version of the z/OS Connect EE API toolkit plug-in to design and create your services and APIs is V3.0.8.2 for Aqua 3.1 users, and V3.2.8.2 for Aqua 3.2 users. You are recommended to use the latest version of the API toolkit for your version of Aqua as it includes all the latest features and fixes.

If unzipping the API toolkit zip file on Windows, due to the long filenames of some of the file members, you are recommended to use a tool such as 7-Zip or the “jar -x” command. Do not use winzip, winrar, or the Windows own zip extraction tool, as warnings/errors will occur during the unzip and the API toolkit will be unusable.

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