We are pleased to announce the second 2020 Continuous Delivery (CD) update for Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS (ADFz). We’ve continued to work remotely during the lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped us from delivering another exciting release. Click here to read the announcement.

In September of 2019 we first released the ADFz 3.2. This release continued our signature guarantee of Day One support for the new z15 as well as being accompanied by a new set of integrated DevOps toolchain enhancements. In December 2019 came ADFz 3.2.1. In that CD release the main themes were shift left testing with the introduction of the ZUnit Dynamic Runner, along with ongoing delivery of customer requirements.

Our new CD update, ADFz 3.2.2, brings VS Code support with the inclusion of Wazi Development Client as a value add capability in IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition, CICS 5.6 support, expanded ZUnit support, Duplicate Code Detection technical preview enhancements, and much more. These are the specific levels of software that are included:

• IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition (IDzEE) 14.2.3
IBM Developer for z/OS(IDz) 14.2.3
IBM Debug for z/OS 14.2.3
IBM Dependency Based Build(DBB) 1.0.9, including Z Open Automation Utilities 1.0.3
IBM Fault Analyzer (FA) for z/OS 14.1.11
IBM File Manager(FM) for z/OS 14.1.11
IBM Application Performance Analyzer(APA) for z/OS 14.2.3
IBM Explorer for z/OS
IBM Duplicate Code Detection Technical Preview – V1.0.1

Here are the highlights, with links to informative blogs that you can read to learn more:

IDz 14.2.3 delivers CICS 5.6 support, ZUnit support for Batch Db2 and more, Duplicate Code Detection Technical Preview 1.0.1, and multiple Request for Enhancements. And in IDzEE 14.2.3, we have added new value add capability (in addition to Dependency Based Build) with the release of, Wazi Development Client 1.0 a set of VS Code extensions that enable essential edit, user build and debug capabilities for z/OS application developers. To learn more about IDz and IDzEE 14.2.3, please read What’s new in IBM Developer for z/OS V14.2.3.
• IBM Debug for z/OS 14.2.3 also delivers CICS 5.6 support, additional compiler support, user driven debug profile enhancements, and more. Please read What’s new in IBM Debug for z/OS 14.2.3.
• Fault Analyzer delivered service enhancements, to know the details to what’s new here
• FM also delivered couple of service enhancements- What’s new in FM here

And finally, IBM z/OS Explorer V3.1.26 brings the addition of the IBM Remote System Explorer API (RSE API). RSE API enables you to use the REST APIs to access MVS data sets, UNIX files and JES Jobs. These APIs have many uses, but in particular, in conjunction with Zowe Explorer, Zowe CLI, and the IBM RSE API Plug-in for Zowe CLI, you can access z/OS resources using VS Code Extensions. To learn more, please read Introducing IBM Remote System Explorer API.

Additional Information
DevOps Acceleration Program : A value-add early adoption program designed to partner with clients in their DevOps transformation..
Want to master IDz? Visit the Self paced Training.
• Let us know what additional functionalities you need in products by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.
• Click here to review what was delivered in ADFz 3.2.1 in 1Q20

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