Welcome back to another episode of Z DevOps Talks. We are still very much in lockdown status, but not deterred!  And as we continue to deliver these remotely, we hope to be reaching you in good health and high spirits.
    We have an exciting episode this time around. We caught up with Dr. Peter Haumer, one of our IBM Z Senior Software Engineers. Presently he is serving as Development Lead for IBM Wazi for CodeReady Workspaces and the IBM Z Open Editor teams.  And that’s a big deal, because just this week we made generally available (GA) our new Wazi capability.

    This episode is jam-packed with content and Wazi is in the spotlight.  The overarching themes we discuss are focused around the Wazi Sandbox, Wazi  Workspaces, and how they both support our continued mission of enabling enterprises to achieve a complete DevOps end-to-end pipeline. But we’ve jotted down a (non-inclusive) list of some of the finer details, so take a look: 

    • How the IBM Wazi platform provides enhanced capabilities and z/OS development on the cloud
    • Wazi sandbox, Wazi workspaces and the end-to-end pipeline, what are they/what do the meant?
    • The continued evolution of Wazi and how it has been two years in the making
    • The convergence of our new open technologies and capabilities and Red Hat’s CodeReady Workspaces
    • Seriously Peter…with the click of a button?
    • z/OS on x86 (Intel) servers, huh?
    • How Wazi makes the developer’s life and the programmer’s life easier!
    • How Wazi supports the idea of Bring Your Own IDE (BYOI)

    If you can’t tell by reviewing the content that we covered, Peter is passionate about the work he and his team are doing.  And if you’ve listened to the podcast, you’d agree that he is earnest when he says he wants to hear from our users.  So, if you want to try for yourself, Peter has provided us with a great many resources:

    And once you’ve spent some time in the driver’s seat, please let us know your impressions!  What do you like, what don’t you like, what do you want to see more of, what are we missing? Leave a comment here or email Peter directly, he really wants to hear from you!  And in case you missed the delivery of our latest episode where Bruce Armstrong talks about the cool new things going on with Zowe™, check out that episode here.

    Remember, you can always view our podcast archives here.  And we are still very much available on Anchor.fm and Apple Podcasts.  Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend!

    4 comments on"Z DevOps Talks S1 E13: Peter Haumer talks Wazi Workspaces, Bring Your Own IDE, and Much More"

    1. Tim McKeoun June 24, 2020

      Wow, das war ein tolles Überraschung. Sehr gut gemacht, Peter, es war sehr Interresant!

      Ahem, pardon me, any chance I get to flex my German, I take it… Great podcast as always, Chris and Chris! Wasi is beyond cool – The perception of the mainframe is changing, I can feel it, and products like this just go to show it. Great leading questions that broke down exactly what Wasi is to get me a much better understanding… There’s a ton of fun, modern mainframe initiatives I’m working on, but after listening to this, Wasi made it to the top of the list! If only there was more time in the world…

      Also loved Peter’s advice at the end. I graduated college about 4 years ago and had very mixed feelings when I was told I’d be doing COBOL on the mainframe. Here I am today, energized and excited about the future of it. I hope to continue to spread that joy to my generation and the next in the coming years!

      Thanks for keeping the podcast going even through quarantine, guys 🙂

    2. Tim,

      Such a kind comment, thank you for the listen. We are pleased to know that this Wazi episode was helpful! It really is tough to explain and understand, but Peter did a fantastic job. And you could hear our genuine amazement and awe when we finally arrived at that “aha” moment. We are happy that this message is getting out; the more people exposed to Z the better!

      We’ve got two more episodes in the works right now, so stay tuned. We’ll go ahead and spoil it, but we were able to convince (with the help of Rosalind Radcliffe) a couple notable figures to talk with us: Gary Gruver and John Willis.

      Thanks again for the support!


    3. Marna Walle June 26, 2020

      Thanks! i would be great to have a real video clip of someone using Wazi. The link above “Watch a Wazi Video Demonstration” isn’t what I was expecting when I clicked on it. Can we have a link to real video demo of Wazi in use?

      • Marna,

        This was a good suggestion/comment. We’ve gone in and linked out to a more relevant video. When you try the demo link above, it should now direct you to the end-to-end demo. Apologies for the mix-up!

        Thanks and enjoy,


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