We are excited to announce that the first iteration of IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension is available now as a free downloadable extension in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Db2 Developer Extension simplifies and modernizes the experience of writing applications that interact with data that resides in Db2 for z/OS databases. Bringing Structured Query Language (SQL) support to VS Code enables application developers to use one of today’s most popular and widely adopted integrated development environments (IDEs) to define, manipulate, and control Db2 for z/OS data.

Db2 Developer Extension expands upon the capabilities of the IBM Z Open Editor extension to deliver a comprehensive set of tools for developing mainframe applications in a modern and continuously evolving application development environment.  And like IBM Z Open Editor, Db2 Developer Extension is also supported by the Eclipse Theia IDE.

This first iteration of Db2 Developer Extension delivers capabilities that help developers to write syntactically correct Db2 for z/OS SQL quickly.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting makes it easier to visually parse your code and to identify particular syntax elements based solely on their appearance. Db2 Developer Extension classifies all elements of a particular type into a group and applies a highlighting theme at the group level so that it’s easy to customize highlighting themes.

example of the syntax highlighting capabilities of Db2 Developer Extension

Code snippets

Db2 Developer Extension provides code snippets for the most commonly used SQL syntax, complete with required parameters and options. These snippets provide you with a starting point that you can quickly build upon to create the SQL statements that you need and to customize snippets for your particular needs.

example of the code snippets capabilities of Db2 Developer Extension

Tell us what you think!

Give Db2 Developer Extension a test drive and let us know what you think.  You can submit feedback by opening an issue in our GitHub repository or by submitting review comments in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

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