European Modernization Roadshow

Larger organizations are constantly transforming and evolving, and the modern mainframe continues to be at the center of these many of these transformations.

With leading edge technologies supporting all critical aspects of the business — be it security, integration, business critical applications — it’s no wonder the mainframe is key to running the world. 

Come and be part of a day long conference where you will hear the latest advances in DevOps for IBM Z to enable Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery with an open DevOps toolchain

NEW! - See The latest in IBM solutions for DevOps on Z and the best practices to adopting modern agile SCM’s with our partner GitHub.

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Date Location Registration
11 June 2019 Zurich Register Now
12 June 2019 Madrid Register Now
17 June 2019 Copenhagen Register Now
18 June 2019 Frankfurt Register Now
19 June 2019 Brussels Register Now
21 June 2019 Amsterdam Register Now