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How to start Eclipse faster?

More and more companies are adopting cloud solutions and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) which can lead to startup time issues with Eclipse based applications like...

Getting started with RDz zUnit – Part 2 – Olivier/IBM

I hope part 1 helped you get started with zUnit and if you now have questions on how to use it with call statements, copybooks,...

Getting started with RDz zUnit – Part 1 – Olivier/IBM

This blog shows an example on how to test a very simple COBOL program with Rational Developer for z Systems v9.5.1 and zUnit. This is a...

RDz troubleshooting guide: High CPU – Olivier / IBM

z/OS customers are traditionally closely monitoring the CPU consumed by their applications and sooner or later a “high CPU” problem occurs.

Getting started with RDz push-to-client -Olivier/IBM

Push-to-client is a feature in Rational Developer for System Z (RDz) for administering and sharing connections, preferences, properties, product updates and configurations so that developers...

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