I am a technical lead for z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition focussing on the serving of RESTful APIs on the mainframe.

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Zowe CLI Plug-in for z/OS Connect EE v1.1

The latest version of the Zowe CLI Plug-in for z/OS Connect EE has just been published and adds the following features: 1) Information on installed...

Zowe CLI plug-in for z/OS Connect EE

The Zowe CLI is designed to allow you to work with mainframe resources remotely from a variety of tools such as IDEs, Terminals and build...

Expose z/OS Connect EE APIs in Zowe API Mediation Layer

One of the key features of Zowe version 1 is the API Mediation Layer which provides a single place where you can find all the...

Using policy-based API processing in z/OS Connect EE

What problem does policy-based processing solve? When making an API available, whether in a production or test environment, you can easily find yourself needing to...

z/OS Connect EE Build Toolkit

z/OS Connect EE Build Toolkit The z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition Build Toolkit is a Java-based tool and SDK that you can use to build API...

z/OS Connect EE open beta October refresh

The October refresh of the open beta is now available which adds the z/OS Connect EE build toolkit, read more here.

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