DPO is a technical-services program provided by IBM, to qualified corporations that have purchased IDz and intend to roll the product out. This program aims to help you deploy IDz efficiently and effectively – with high product adoption, effective technical use and maximum Return-on-Investment.

DPO is staffed with senior IBM IDz specialists – who have spent (minimally) 5 years doing IDz rollout work and deep-dive technical support work, and are arguably the best in the world at this.

We assist you with all phases of product deployment:


  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Optimization (tuning)

  1. Installation (standard I.M. …or… silent install)
  2. Site-specific (custom) workspace design
  3. Administration and management

How does the program work?

After engaging with the DPO team, you will be contacted by an IBM/DPO Project Manager – who will obtain detailed information on your Rollout. We will match your Rollout project with specific technical specialists and host a series of informal meetings and presentations – aimed at helping you achieve your goals. While the process is optimized around your specific needs, we target a 12-week (or less) timeframe for our involvement.


  1. All assistance is provided via email, documentation, remote calls and web-conferences – we do not go on-site
  2. You are allotted up to 50 hours of remote technical assistance from our experts
  3. All assistance is rendered in English
  4. All meetings and technical enablement are scheduled through your IBM/DPO Project Manager

What is not provided through the DPO program

  1. Training is not provided
  2. We do not work with/or advise you on your shops SDLC or its SCM (source control management) product
  3. Additional TSO/ISPF integration work (Menu Manager, HATS/RCP, etc.)

How much does DPO cost … and how do I know if my company qualifies for it?

  1. Cost: There is no charge for DPO assistance
  2. Qualification: To find out if your shop qualifies for DPO, or for additional information on this program contact Rocco Cocco/IBM DPO Project Manager – cocco@us.ibm.com