Provides analysis and optimization for DevOps testing and development IBM® Application Delivery Intelligence (ADI) is a browser based DevOps analysis platform for mainframe and hybrid development. Specifically, IBM Application Delivery Intelligence drives continuous improvement for DevOps by capturing, storing and analyzing information from your DevOps toolset. ADI helps to optimize testing for COBOl, PL/I and Java, and correlates static code analysis with operational and test data to provide comprehensive view of application health and to detect defects earlier in the life cycle.


Code Coverage

  1. Find Defects Earlier – Monitor coverage trends, identify code coverage drops to help find defects earlier
  2. Optimize Testing – Eliminate redundant test effort based on recommended minimum set of tests to run based on code coverage analysis
  3. Improve Test Efficiency – Get insight into how effective the current set of tests are in handling the code changes

OMEGAMON for CICS Integration

  1. Identify Potential Performance Problems Early – Identify which transactions exceed response time thresholds during pre-production performance tests or in production
  2. Usage Frequency – Understand which transactions are executed most frequently and may be most business-critical, and prioritize test optimization and quality improvements accordingly
  3. Trend Analysis – Monitor usage frequency, response time, DB2 and File I/O wait time, and CPU time trends

Application Discovery Trend Analysis & Correlation

  1. Trend Analysis – Monitor application inventory, maintainability, and quality trends
  2. Manage Application Health – Monitor application quality and maintainability improvements for projects whether they are internally developed or developed by contractors
  3. Correlate with OMEGAMON and Code Coverage Data – Correlate maintainability metrics,program call graph, usage frequency and response time statistics, and code coverage to optimize development and test efforts

Software Requirements

Software requirement is specified in IBM KnowledgeCenter Try ADI V5.0.2 as part of Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence bundle from z System trial program here For more information visit IBM Application Delivery Intelligence