IBM Explorer for z/OS Atlas is now part of Zowe Open Source.

IBM Explorer for z/OS Atlas is a z/OS RESTful web service and deployment architecture for z/OS microservices. The service is implemented as a Liberty Profile web application that uses z/OSMF services to provide a range of APIs for the management of jobs, data sets, UNIX System Services (USS) files, persistent data, and exposes some functions of IBM File Manager for z/OS and IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS through its RESTful interface.

An API explorer is included which allows you to view and test the APIs through a Swagger defined description, including the ability to try APIs calls against your data. A sample web client is also included that allows you see how the APIs can be exploited to view and manipulate JES, Data Sets, USS and System log.

Atlas API Explorer screenshot

The API Explorer allows you to see the available API endpoints as well as try out the endpoints within a browser.

The API Explorer provides a simple interface to specify API endpoint parameters and request bodies along with the response body and return code.

Atlas Syslog screenshot

The System log UI component allows you to view the system log using a web socket, so as messages are written the view is refreshed automatically. You can also open a JES spool file for an active job and view its contents that refresh through a web socket.

Atlas JES Viewer screenshot

The JES Viewer provides an interface to JES Jobs, the steps, output files, return code and if an IBM Fault Analyzer report has been generated a direct link is provided, jobs may also be purged from this interface.

Atlas Dataset Explorer screenshot

The Dataset Explorer lets you browse the MVS file system using a high level qualifier filter. You can Create, Read, Update and Delete datasets and dataset members, datasets containing JCL may also be submitted to start a JES job. An editor is provided with basic JCL syntax highlighting and content assist along with the option to open in full screen.

Atlas Fullscreen Editor screenshot

The Full Screen editor provides a direct and reusable link to an MVS file, the editor features the same syntax highlighting and content assist as the Dataset Explorer.