IBM® CICS® Explorer is a system management tool that offers a simple, integrated and intuitive way of managing one or more CICS systems. It is based on the Eclipse platform and enables you to view and manage CICS Transaction Server regions and integrates CICS tools and the visibility and control of the CICS run time and its resources.

CICS Explorer offers a lightweight yet powerful and extensible framework with a small footprint and fast start-up. It features powerful task-oriented views, context-sensitive resource editors and wizards for access to a broad range of CICS and IBM z/OS® data and control capabilities.

It also includes IBM Explorer for z/OS®—a common connection management and single sign-on component that simplifies access to z/OS-based sub-systems.


  • A centralized user interface makes CICS easier to manage and boosts productivity.
  • Smart resource editors and wizards simplify creation or editing of complex CICS resources.
  • Ability to define, install and manipulate CICS runtime resources and their definitions, including events, Atom feeds, policies, applications, platform and OSGi bundles.
  • Development, deployment and online support options to help maximize the value of your CICS investments.