IBM® CICS® Deployment Assistant for z/OS® provides a centralized, complete model of your CICS infrastructure to improve data discovery. It uses a policy-driven engine that you control to accelerate deployment of new CICS capabilities and line-of-business applications. Model, visualize and deploy new and existing CICS regions more quickly and easily. CICS Deployment Assistant provides the service agility necessary to support the rapidly changing needs of new mobile and web applications. CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS helps to simplify and automate complex tasks through:

  • Discovery of all CICS-related entities, connections and subsystem dependencies.
  • A shared model that provides a consistent and up-to-date view of the CICS topology on z/OS.
  • Visualization of the model in graphical form that gives you a powerful and intuitive way to understand and navigate the CICS topology.
  • Automated Deployment of CICS infrastructure that builds on IBM and customer best practices.
cics deployment assistant


  • Discover, visualize and understand A deep discovery operation reveals your CICS topology and connected subsystems, creating a rich model.
  • Extend and Adapt This model allows you to clone CICS regions, and create & extend CICSplexes. Facilitating accurate testing and scalable infrastructure.
  • Control and Automate A powerful RESTful API allowing you to automate operations, or utilize information stored in the model to enrich your DevOps pipeline.