Enterprise PL/I for z/OS is a software development environment for building and maintaining PL/I applications on IBM z/OS operating systems. This enterprise solution allows you to incorporate modern web technology, such as web services, XML and Java into your existing PL/I applications. Enterprise PL/I for z/OS also delivers programming features that increase programmer productivity, and help bolster the overall benefits of transactional and data systems such as CICS, IMS, and DB2

What’s New
Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V4.5 is enhanced to fully exploit the new z13 architecture. It uses the new Vector Facility to improve the performance of the code generated for “verify” and “search” built-in functions and expands the use of the Decimal Floating Point Facility for fixed decimal calculations. Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V4.5 provides significant performance improvements over Enterprise PL/I V4.4. Compute intensive applications running on z13 (compiled with Enterprise PL/I V4.5) have shown CPU time reduction of up to 17% over the same applications running on zEC12 (compiled with Enterprise PL/I V4.4). This significant improvement in performance is achieved through a combination of more powerful z13 hardware and improved compiler optimization.

Enterprise PL/I V4.5 also has many new features. The most significant new feature is providing full, integrated support (i.e. parse, generate, and validate) for JSON, the preferred lightweight data exchange format for mobile applications. Other significant new features include raising the maximum size of strings (from 32K to 128M), generating faster code for CICS calls, allowing structures to be used as SQL indicator variables, supporting named constants as SQL host variables, and new compiler options to improve code quality and analyze runtime problems.