IBM Cloud Provisioning and
Management for z/OS

Rapidly provision z/OS software subsystems and simplify configuration and deployment of z/OS components.

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Use z/OS to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption

IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS is a set of enhancements to IBM z/OS cloud capabilities. It exploits the ability of z/OS software subsystems in cloud environments. IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS enables you to create service templates and track provisioned instances, allows users to access resources through a self-service portal, and more. These enhancements can simplify configuration and deployment of z/OS components, accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, and help transform your IT infrastructure.

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What's new

    The following enhancements are available with PTFs UI60075, UI60040 (z/OS V2R3) and PTFs UI60077, UI60042 (z/OS V2R2)

  • Memory Capping : You can now set a cap for the memory that is consumed by software services instances that are provisioned in a tenant. You can also view a tenant's memory consumption.
  • Software Cluster Provisioning: New clustered composite templates allow you to leverage sysplex capabilities to provision a continuously available middleware environment. With a single provisioning action, you can provision network-clustered instances of a specific middleware in a sysplex.
  • Dataset Support: The files for a template, such as the workflow and actions definition files, can now be in sequential or partitioned data sets. Previously, they were required to be in z/OS UNIX files. Workflow editor is also enhanced to edit/view workflow file in sequential or partitioned dataset.
  • Serviceability Enhancements: Diagnostic information for provisioning an instance is enhanced. When you view an instance, you see new information for instances that are being provisioned or that failed provisioning, including the template owner, the number of steps and current step of the provisioning workflow, and the workflow message text. You can also display additional information by hovering the mouse pointer over the state of an instance on the Instances table.
  • Usability improvements: The Resource Management task has been reorganized for better usability. Properties of a domain, including the associated tenants and resource pools, are now displayed on tabs.
  • Workflow Enhancements: REST steps in z/OSMF workflow can now specify the HTTPS protocol for secure connections. z/OSMF workflow is also enhanced to support a new "array" type of variable that you can define for your workflow. Consider using an array variable when you need to map a list of values.
  • Workflow Editor Enhancements: The Workflow Editor now includes a "toolbox" of IBM-supplied steps, which are designed for performing common tasks on z/OS, such as creating a data set or submitting a REST request.
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Provision to the cloud fast

Use automated, repeatable processes to quickly provision z/OS software subsystems to the cloud and release resources to a shared pool when z/OS software subsystem instances are de-provisioned.

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Empower users and free up resources

Provide end users with direct access to z/OS computing resources through your existing self-service portal or through an IBM sample portal - and free up administrators and programmers.

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Maintain administrative control

Allow administrators to maintain complete control over resources and z/OS software subsystem instances.

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Choose your interface

Invoke functions through a web browser-based user interface or through programmable REST interfaces.

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Control cloud security

Configure cloud security resources manually-as an alternative to automatic configuration-to align with your installation security requirements.

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No additional costs

There is no additional cost. Gather your team and get started with configuring environment for automated and self-service provisioning of z/OS software.

Try it first

Trial environments that are pre-configured, and ready for use with short, easy-to-follow walkthroughs. This trial will teach you how to:

  • Provision and deprovision a CICS region by using a cloud provisioning marketplace.
  • Create a CICS region service and publish it to facilitate self-service provisioning.
  • Provision and deprovision an MQ queue by using a cloud provisioning marketplace.
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