IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools - Java Health Center is a diagnostic tool for monitoring the status of a running Java™ or Node.js application. IBM Java Health Center uses a small amount of processor time and memory, and can open some log and trace files for analysis.

Tool components

    The tool is provided in two parts:
  1. An agent, which collects data from a running application. Java applications are monitored by the Health Center agent (supplied with IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition). Node.js applications are monitored by the Node Application Metrics agent (supplied with the IBM SDK for Node.js)
  2. The Health Center client, an Eclipse-based GUI which connects to the agent. The client interprets the data that is obtained by the agent and provides recommendations to improve the performance of the monitored application. The client is available as an Eclipse plug-in and as part of IBM Support Assistant (ISA)

These two components communicate either over a JMX connection or through an MQTT broker (not provided) depending on the application runtime environment, as shown in the following diagram.

IBM Java Health Center overview

Note: an MQTT broker is not provided as part of Health Center. You can download an MQTT broker, such as Mosquitto (or Mosca for Node.js), from the http://www.mqtt.org/ website.