IBM® Toolkit for Swift on z/OS® is ideal for clients who need modern technologies to develop applications on IBM z/OS. By embracing the Swift programming language, clients gain access to millions of Swift developers worldwide. Clients can leverage the same technology and pool of skills for end-to-end application development. Swift-enabled applications, when executed on-premises with data stored on IBM Z®, exhibit performance improvements compared to Swift applications running on the cloud.

Key features in Swift 4.2

  • Compiler - deploy your applications to z/OS
  • Core Standard library - core library functions, data types, protocols, etc. Also includes the runtime for dynamic features of the language such as memory management
  • Additional core libraries - includes Foundation (File IO, Networking, and more), Libdispatch (concurrency), Libc (access to z/OS LE C routines), and XCTest (Unit test framework)
  • Package Manager - automate the process of downloading, compiling, and linking dependencies using this tool. It is integrated with the Swift build system and manages the distribution of Swift code.
  • Sample Swift application based on Kitura - build your knowledge with an application that demonstrates various features of Kitura, a light-weight web framework that allows you to easily build web services with routing support for handling client requests