IBM Z Distribution for Zowe™ V1.0 is provided for those customers that require Zowe software via standard IBM fulfilment process. The z/OS components of Zowe are available by Shopz, other Zowe components are provided by IBM Mainframe DEV.

IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0 ships Zowe V1.9 release from the open source community. The IBM distribution is binary equivalent to the open source Zowe. Zowe 1.9 is the first Active Long-Term Support (LTS) release of Zowe by the open community. See https://www.zowe.org/ for additional information. Subsequent releases of Zowe (i.e., V1.10, V1.11, etc.) from the open community will be delivered from IBM as PTFs on IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0 using the IBM Continuous Delivery model of enhancements and support.

IBM Node.js for z/OS SDK is also included with IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0 since it is a prerequisite for a component of Zowe. Enhancement and support of IBM Node.js for z/OS will also be included under the same terms as Zowe.

There are two use cases for IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0:

  • IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0 is used as a software prerequisite for IBM products that require Zowe services. The support of Zowe and Node.js is entitled via the IBM product support that requires Zowe and Node.js for z/OS. Zowe and Node.js are referred to as Supporting Programs to the IBM product that requires them. (The IBM product is referred as the Principle Product.) When Zowe and Node.js are Supporting Programs, the support is limited to the use for the principle product. No customer or 3rd party extensions will be supported unless there is a separate Service and Support (S&S) agreement in place for support in addition to the Principle Product.

  • IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0 can be downloaded independently of any IBM product offering and customers can optionally get Service and Support (S&S) from IBM for a fee. This S&S offering is for customers that want to write their own extensions to Zowe for use in their enterprise but want IBM assistance to support the Zowe software.

  • IBM support for IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0 is limited to the Zowe software it distributes. Although the Zowe open community may have multiple software extensions or new projects in the process of being contributed and staffed. IBM supports the software that is available on Shopz and IBM Mainframe DEV.

    As stated previously, IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0 is on a continuous delivery model and therefore additional capabilities will be added to the IBM distribution along with software fixes from the Zowe open community.

    Zowe CLI: Provides a command-line interface that lets you interact with the mainframe remotely. It can be scripted using various interpretive languages, providing simple automation and productivity capabilities.

    Zowe Explorer: The Zowe Explorer extension modernizes the way developers and system administrators interact with z/OS mainframes. Working with data sets and USS files from VSCode can be an alternative to using 3270 emulators and complements your Zowe CLI experience.


    Find help for the CLI.

    Further information

    Further information on how to get started with the Zowe CLI can be found here.

    Zowe™ is a trademark of the Linux Foundation