IBM Z Open Unit Test is an automated unit testing tool for batch and CICS programs.

IBM Z Open Unit Test works in conjunction with IBM Z Open Development to create a powerful continuous development, testing, and delivery environment.

True automation

  • Automated Unit Testing for COBOL and Batch PL/I programs
  • Test case generation for COBOL CICS programs, with stubbing and mocking
  • Verification of VSAM and Sequential files
  • Stubbing of VSAM and Sequential files
  • Creation of file stubs by importing from notepad or spreadsheet or from an existing sequential file
  • Assertions and automated Pass/Fail checking
  • Support for Negative Testing
  • Data recording and playback capabilities for Batch and CICS COBOL programs
  • Data recording capability for Batch and CICS COBOL programs helps to get started with an initial set of data for testing a single program

Continuous testing and delivery in a modern development environment

  • Environment independence with stubbing outside of the CICS region
  • Generated test cases are COBOL or PL/I programs that can be stored in any SCM along with the programs they test
  • Test cases can be invoked from the IDE or as part of a CI/CD pipeline
  • Code coverage to validate changes are covered by tests
  • Ability to export code coverage results to IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence
  • Allows export of test results in JUnit and SonarQube format
  • Supports debug of the program under test as well as the testcase

IBM Z Open Unit Test V1.0 requires:

Prerequisite software must be installed and operational before the product will work. Co-requisite software is required to support specific features of Z Open Unit Test. These requisites must be installed and operational at runtime for the corresponding features to work as designed.

For a complete listing of the IBM Z Open Unit Test software requirements including prerequisites and co-requisites, see the Software Product Compatibility Reports.